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Updates from the Alumni Office:

The IFRS Alumni Gathering happened last November 18, 2023, at IFRS N. Domingo Avenue, Barangay Kaunlaran, Cubao, Quezon City.   13 alumni attended onsite while 12 alumni were online.   The reasons for the gathering were as follows:

  1. rekindle and fortify the Alumni’s bond with the Institute and other equally notable stakeholders.

  2. update the alumni on the Institute’s status.

  3. expand its role in the sustainability of the Institute.


Although not too many attended the event, nevertheless, we were able to carry out our reasons for coming together.  Each one present shared a little about herself and her present ministry.  Then updates were given by the President, Sr. Odyssa Estor, OSA, and the Registrar, Ms. Genalyn Lorenzo.  Regarding the 

sustainability program, an initial discussion was made on financial support and sharing of resources (mentoring, tutorials, resource speaker, etc.).  In the meantime, a group of volunteers forming the coordinating team was created to discuss and finalize the plan and what transpired during the gathering. They are:


  1. Sr. Mary Sheba Principe, OSA

  2. Sr. Dora Obod, FSIC

  3. Sr. Tran Thi Minh Thu, OSA  

  4. Sr. Zar Ni Hlaing, SPC 

  5. Sr. Authaiwan Moekhoe, DC

  6. Sr. Rose Ginibun, SFIC

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