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She started her adult life in the 1960’s studying Philosophy in Toronto and Oxford, then teaching the same in Canada and, mostly, the U.K.  She was also involved in seeking “fair trade, not aid” and other human rights groups, in the 80’s, then returned to Toronto and studied Theology, mainly with a liberationist approach, with a view to going somewhere, this approach would be particularly relevant.  When she finished her doctorate in 1990, she came to the Philippines and spent the next 10 years, partly teaching liberation theology of the poor and women but mainly listening to the theology of and sharing with BECs in small farming communities in Mindanao.  In recent years, she has been teaching at IFRS and ICTC in Quezon City and involving herself with children, both on a personal level and in the context of the Learning for Living Center for very poor preschoolers and families in Montalban, Rizal. She taught courses in Women and Religion, Women and Spirituality, Gender and Theology and Feminist Ethics, all at IFRS, and Social Ethics and Sexual Ethics and Bioethics at ICTC.  Her current research interests include gender theory and Church, justice, mercy, healing in the context of the sexual abuses in the Church, and how to help poor children with common special needs in the context of the classroom.