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The program is designed for men and women in formation ministry in all levels. The participants of this program will be able to:

  1. Be in-touch with their own personal dynamics, and recognize and accept their God-given potentials/gifts as chosen formators;
  2. Understand and appreciate the value and the demands of a life-giving and prophetic formation that the Church and society need today;
  3. Experience being accompanied in their life’s journey to enable them to also accompany others also towards their psycho-social and spiritual growth and integration;
  4. Acquire, to a certain degree, the accompaniment skills such as understanding human dynamics in a given context, contemplative listening, counseling and spiritual direction.
  5. Attain to a certain degree competence and self-confidence in accompanying others in their faith-life journey.

SPIRITUALITY AT ITS CORE - With a lot of reference to “spirituality” in one form or another, through-out the program, the participants will have a deeper understanding of “spirituality” both as lived experience and as an academic discipline.

The program extends over the weekends (Fridays and Saturdays) for four (4) months from 8:30 to 4:30 pm.
The participants are encouraged to avail of individual spiritual guidance all through-out the program.

The process of facilitating the faith-life’s journey of others presupposes that Formators are themselves familiar with their own faith-life journey (struggles and pains, strengths and weaknesses, growth and failures, hopes and dreams, and God’s hand in every event in their life) and continue to learn from them. Recognizing God’s movements in their life will enable them with confidence to also accompany others in their journey towards wholeness and fullness of being.

For a contextualized, transformative, integrated and inclusive formation, there will be input (by expert resource persons), exposure, sharing, case presentation, dialogue with seasoned formators and formands from all levels of formation, socials, recreation (preferably in eco-farm), and other formative activities. The regular small group session for contemplative listening, counseling and spiritual direction will enable them to acquire the needed accompaniment skills. Creative liturgies and shibashi will always be part of the day’s sessions. The course will culminate with a six-day retreat for deepening and integration of the over-all learning.

  • Context of Formation
  • Growing in the Life of Prayer
  • Formation As A Ministry
  • Contemplative Listening and the Art of Spiritual Direction
  • The Dynamics that Live Within Us
  • Globalization, Generation YZ and the Media
  • Gender Sensitivity, Sexuality and the Vowed Life
  • Creation-Centered Spirituality
  • A Deeper Look at Religious Life in Asia Today
  • Six-Day RETREAT
  • Applicants are expected to be those who are drawn to or chosen to be in the ministry of formation and or leadership, have had some actual experience of either or both of these, or those who are being prepared for the ministry.
  • Applicants are required to fill up the Application Form and submit it together with a letter of recommendation from their Superiors and addressed to the Directress/Director of the Program, not later than two months before its start.
  • Applicants are required to have a personal interview with the Application Committee two weeks after the submission of the completed Application Form.