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          In line with the IFRS commitment to a formation-education that enables the development of the whole person toward authenticity of her/his self, an institutional research program is shaped to facilitate the research engagement of personnel and clientele alike. Research work will employ critical reflection on faith-life experiences and develop insights and skills necessary for creative and transformative ministries.

         The research program participates in upholding the Vision-Mission of IFRS by creating opportunities for acquiring adeptness in writing and doing research among faculty members, students, staff, and alumni. This is carried out through

  • publication of articles or papers from IFRS’ faculty members, m.a. students, alumni, and other personnel in the institute’s theological journal, Himig Ugnayan;
  • assistance and coordination in teaching research and writing courses;
  • organization of skill formation and skill enhancement seminars and/or workshops concerning research;
  • assessment of research proposals on collaborative projects and recommendation to the Approving Committee for funding and publication; and
  • coordination with the library in initiating agreements for journal exchange.