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Research Projects

The IFRS Research Program addresses the need of faculty members to explore the richness of contextualized theologies and biblical and feminist studies as inter-disciplinary field.  More than an academic institute, IFRS believes research on the different notions and practice of theology offer enriched understanding to people's experiences. IFRS shall support faculty members exploring specific fields in the vast spectrum of contextualized theologies and feminist studies, using innovative approaches and methods of study.  IFRS shall allot a substantial amount of money toward those applications for research projects which show potential in innovative and fresh insights that make theology relevant to the Church and society.

IFRS shall organize timely skills training on research methodology to faculty members especially those who are doing research.


Areas of Interest

IFRS shall support and give priority to researches in the following areas: topics that deal with scriptural exploration, religion, spirituality, women, religious life, catechetics, and others as related to meeting the burning social issues of our time.


Eligibility:  Who can apply?

IFRS welcomes proposals for research grant applications from IFRS faculty
with the following basic qualifications:

  • Must have experience or involvement in research work
  • Must have an MA degree and significant training and relevant experience in teaching or its equivalent, proper to the field of specialization and in relation to the chosen research topic/study.
  • Must have verifiable character and professional references.

IFRS does not fund research projects for academic completion.