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Terms and Conditions

The IFRS through the president shall approve grants to successful candidates in accordance with the following conditions: 

  • The applicant (individual/team) will carry out the research, which is neither part of contractual or commissioned research; nor part of a formal program of studies leading to a degree; 
  • Awards are normally granted only for direct costs related to the research project such as expenses related to gathering of data, office supplies and materials and the like;
  • The researcher has to submit a progress report of his/her research project every six months to the research director for monitoring. The research director can convene the members of the research committee for corresponding evaluation and proper courses of action when he or she deems it necessary;
  •  The research project has to be completed within the agreed time span of the project;
  • Eight (8) hard copies of the manuscript produced will be submitted to the director of the research committee for final evaluation.  It will be within the length of a normal scholarly journal article and with the feasibility of publication;
  • The approval of the manuscript of the completed research project follows the approval procedures of the application;
  • When it is judged appropriate, the research committee will recommend publication to the publication committee.