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In pursuit of the Vision-Mission and Goals of the Institute of Formation and Religious Studies, the Office of Student Affairs focuses its efforts toward the support and conduct of activities supplemental to the IFRS Academic Program and those that are in consonance to its core values. 


Programs and Activities 


The program aims to provide a good backgro The school grants scholarship and financial aid to deserving and financially challenged students.

Orientation  Program

The program aims to provide a good background that shall level off the student body regarding the understanding of the Vision-Mission-Goals, the guiding principles and the core values of the Institute. It is also a venue for an initial bonding among students and the IFRS space. This is conducted within a week and half which includes exposure –immersion to various sectors of the society.

Leadership Training Program

The program aims to enable the students to explore and experience the participative leadership as a style that IFRS promotes.

Liturgical Celebrations

The community continue to nourish its faith-life through liturgical celebrations.

Celebration of the Integration Day

The Integration day aims at a conscious and creative expression of the learning of the students through various presentations. This celebration also highlights the multicultural aspect of the Institute.

Sports Festival

The activity aims to provide an opportunity for physical fitness of the IFRS community. This also enriches the community spirit thru team sports and games.              


Student Organization 

Student Coordinating Team (SCT)

It is an organization representing the student body. It facilitates all student activities within an integrated structure composed of six committees namely: International Committee; Liturgy Committee; Newsletter Committee; Socials Committee; Solidarity Committee; and, the Ways & Means Committee.



Spiritual Direction /Accompaniment

The school offers spiritual direction/ accompaniment to those who request for this service. 

Student Visa Assistance

The institute provides assistance to foreign students in the application and renewal of their student visa.

Health and Wellness Service

A wellness room is available for students who are not feeling well and require rest. Over-the counter medicines are available when requested or needed. First Aid kits are available.

Food Services

Most of the students come from a diverse socio-cultural background and prefer to bring or cook their own food. Thus, the school adequately provides a space for cooking equipped with functional cooking and dining equipment including a refrigerator.

Housing Facility

The Institute has a dormitory for its students especially international students who do not have a community in the Philippines.

Chapel / Prayer Room

The prayer Room is located at the 4th floor in N. Domingo campus and at the 2nd floor at the Acacia Campus.