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The Office of Student Affairs, to complement the Institute’s programs seeks to:

  • Provide services and activities for students supportive of the IFRS Vision - Mission as complementary to its Academic Program

  • Facilitate smooth admission and transactions of its foreign students in accordance with Philippine Government Policies;

  • Provide services and activities that will aid the students’ adjustment and integration to the IFRS style of education and formation;

  • Assist the foreign students in their adjustment to the Filipino milieu and culture;

  • Promote a participative leadership among the student body and its leaders;  and

  • Foster a community spirit in the different activities among the students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

Programs and Activities

  • Orientation Program

  • Leadership Training Program

  • Liturgical Celebration

  • Celebration of the Integration Day

  • Sportsfest

  • Seasonal Celebrations: Lunar New Year, Women’s Day/Month, Earth Day, Christmas celebration



The school grants scholarships and financial aid to deserving and financially challenged students.


Candidates fill up the application form and submit it to the Student Affairs Coordinator, together with other documentary requirements. Applications shall be subjected to the approval of the screening committee.


Spiritual Direction /Accompaniment

IFRS Seeks to nurture and support its students’ spiritual enrichment through spiritual direction and accompaniment service.


  1. Spiritual accompaniment is offered for free to those who request for it.

  2. A spiritual director/guide is available upon appointment.

  3. A student who wishes to avail of the service has to schedule an appointment with the spiritual guide through the student affairs office.

  4. The student affairs coordinator is to coordinate and schedule the appointment with the spiritual guide/director for the first session. The schedule of follow-up sessions will be upon the agreement between the student and the guide.

  5. The venue of spiritual direction/ accompaniment is the counseling room located on the ground floor of the IFRS Acacia building.

Student Visa Assistance

The institute provides assistance to foreign students in the application and renewal of their student visa.

Click the link for further details:

Health and Wellness Service

A wellness room is made available for students who are not feeling well and need rest. Over-the-counter medicines are available when requested or needed. First Aid kits are available at the Wellness Room, Student Affairs Office, and Community Involvement Office.

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Food Services

Most of the students come from a diverse socio-cultural background and prefer to bring or cook their own food. Thus, the school adequately provides a space for cooking equipped with functional cooking and dining equipment including a refrigerator.

food services.jpg

Housing Facility

The Institute has a dormitory, especially for international students who do not have a community in the Philippines.

Chapel / Prayer Room

Chapels are available for students’ use. One is located on the fourth floor of the N. Domingo building and another at the second floor of the Acacia building.

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